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The company

Proff Kulde was established in 2012 and has grown into an innovative contributor to the refrigeration industry with a team of 12 skilled employees. The company delivers complete chilling and heating systems to customers across Norway.

Proff Kulde has customers within most industries, but mainly in the fisheries and manufacturing industries. The company has established a broad customer portfolio, especially within the fishing industry.

The company has grown significantly in recent years and has about 30 million NOK in annual turnover. The future goal is to expand internationally.

Innovation has been central in building the company so far. In recent years we have spent a lot of time and money on development work. Our belief is that we must constantly work on improvements and changes both at organizational level and product level to remain competitive in the future.

Since the foundation in 2012 the company has established a visible position within the refrigeration industry and possesses a high level of knowledge to progress into a market where the need for sustainable and future-oriented solutions are great. Expert knowledge on several different technical areas makes us capable of spotting opportunities for brand new products or improve facilities that already exists.

Many companies have heating and chilling facilities that contain environmental damaging HFK-gasses that will phase out during the next years and Proff Kulde wishes to push the industry in an eco-friendlier direction.

In recent years Proff Kulde has established expert knowledge on the use of natural refrigerants like CO2 and are focusing on this area in combination with energy-effective solutions.
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In 2017 Proff Kulde started our own development work to design and produce improved chilling and heating technical solutions based on CO2 as a refrigerant. We do this work to accommodate the ever-stricter environmental requirements and to remain competitive in the market. In 2019 the RSW-product CO2PRO™RSW was launched at the LofotFishing trade fair.

In recent years the company has collaborated with Innovation Norway and received financial support through the environmental technology scheme developing the RSW-project. The product is reviewed at Innovation Norway´s website The Explorer, reviewing eco-friendly solutions from Norwegian suppliers aimed at the international market.

Proff Kulde works to satisfy several of the UN´s Sustainable Development Goals through innovation. We focus on simplifications in construction design, ensuring that it´s not affecting efficiency and energy consumption. The main gains for the environment that our innovative work provides can be summed up in these main points:

- The use of natural refrigerant – CO2
- Simplification of construction complexity
- Increased efficiency in chilling and heating facilities (COP)
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Proff Kulde aim to be a company that provides a sustainable contribution to society. We want to take care of our employees, provide employee growth, and develop innovative and sustainable products for our customers.

It´s a shared responsibility to work for a better world and UN´s goal for sustainable development works as a guideline in this effort.

To Proff Kulde environment and sustainability is a serious matter, and we wish to take responsibility to ensure that we all can achieve concrete results in the long run. We have integrated tools for environmental leadership to maintain focus in our daily HSE-work.

Environmental policy

Our overall goal is to deliver chilling and heating technical facilities with as small as possible negative environmental effect.

We also have an overall goal to be a competitive employer that provides a safe environment for career development and personal growth.

This work is carried out by:

  • Innovation

  • The use of natural refrigerants

  • Energy optimalization

  • Long-term and focused work building inner and outer environment.

What is the UN´s goal for sustainable development?

The UN has given the world a shared blueprint for sustainable development. The sustainable development goals work as a shared global direction for countries, businesses, and societies. The sustainable development goals are the world´s most important “to-do” list and businesses play an important part. It´s about what environmental footprint we make, our shared responsibility and competitiveness. We must be aware of how we use and affect our resources.

As part of our recent work in innovation we have ordered an external assessment of how our product CO2PRO™RSW meets the UN´s environmental development goals at the website The Explorer.

Product presentation at The Explorer

An eco-lighthouse

Proff Kulde got certified as an eco-lighthouse April 2. 2020. We are proud to say that we through this certification program commits to work systematically and long term to improve both as an employer and as a partner for our customers and suppliers.

By becoming an eco-lighthouse, we commit to work towards more of the UN´s sustainable development goals. You can read more about the certification at the eco-lighthouse´s website.

The eco-lighthouse foundation

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