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Proff Kulde has aquired high competence at the automation area. Our automation technicians have many references to jobs where we have solved problems other company failed to fix. We deliver both new systems and updates on older systems.

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Refrigeration technicians work on chilling-, freezing- and heat pump systems with piping, and electric and automized control systems. Therefore it´s important to possess high competence in refrigeration technology, construction, behavior, and uses of these systems. Mechanics, electronics, automatics, plumbing, and welding is a few of the areas our skilled technicians must master.

Proff Kulde regard itself as a spearhead on the automation area, and in most larger deliveries automation is included as a central part and is important to ensure energy effective operation of a chilling-/ heat pump system. Control systems used in chilling-/heat pump systems is an important part of our technological development work.

In recent years Proff Kulde has delivered new or upgraded automation solutions to many customers in the land-based fishing industry, and automation is an important part of both RSW-deliveries and other industrial chilling-/ heating systems we deliver.

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Proff Kulde entered a collaboration with Lofoten Hydraulikk AS in 2020 on deliveries of control systems for hydraulic solutions. Jon Nybø and Per Hovde founded the company Lofoten Hydraulikk in 2011. The company focuses on production of hydraulic deck machinery for the coastal- and deep-sea fishing fleet.

The companies co-location in Osan, makes a cooperation natural. The companies often work on the same boats, which dock at the Lofoten Pelagiske´s old premises. Together Proff Kulde and Lofoten Hydraulikk have an annual turnover of 50 million NOK and are important contributors to the maritime industry.

Lofoten Hydraulikk AS

In 2019 Proff Kulde installed a new CO2PRO™FREEZE complete freezer system to the frozen storage at Berg Seafood. (L.Berg Sønner AS) in Svolvær.

The company L. Berg Sønner was founded in 1928 and has through all these years been operating a fish reseption and worked with the processing and drying of fish. L. Berg Sønner produces the Norwegian dish “Lutefisk” from their own recipe and the award-winning product “gryteklar tørrfisk” (stockfish ready to be cooked) in portion packs.

Berg Seafood

Proff Kulde initiated a cooperation with Myre Fiskemottak in 2018, and during winter 2019 delivered a new CO2PRO™FREEZE freezing system including two new CO2 tunnel freezers with a combined capacity of more than 50 tons a day.

We have also delivered smaller freezing- and chilling systems to the producer of fresh fish, salted fish and stock fish under the leadership of Ted Robin Endresen.

Myre Fiskemottak

In 2019 Proff Kulde installed a new CO2PRO™Heat heat pump to the company Lofoten Services AS at Stamsund Hotel.

Proff Kulde has installed a new eco-friendly CO2PRO™RSW to the new 13 meters seiner “H Larsen” built at Grovford Båtbryggeri.

The shipping company Stufunes AS could by the end of January set the course towards the fishing grounds with a brand new and great fishing vessel.

Grovfjord Båtbyggeri

Proff Kulde has installed a new eco-friendly CO2PRO™ RSW-system and complete circulation system with valve control for the shipowners of the fishing vessel “MT Senior”. It´s the company Nordfiskeren AS that´s responsible for the operation of the fishing vessel with home port in Karlsøy municipality.

In 2019 and 2020 Proff Kulde installed a new control board and automation services to NH3 freezer at the fish reception at Hopen Fisk.

Proff Kulde has delivered refrigeration solutions to Hopen Fisk for many years, and we also did a large upgrade of the freezer in 2018.

Hopen Fisk As is a modern fish industry company located in Hopen in Lofoten. The company receive herring, cod roe, by-products, halibut, and whale meat. Hopen Fisk also has a store that is open during seasons.

Hopen Fisk AS

In 2019 Proff Kulde installed an upgrade of the control system at Pelagia Lødingen.

We have assisted Pelagia in Lødingen through many years on several different refrigeration solutions, including overhauls of compressors, overhauls of valves and other materials, and support on freezer systems.

Pelagia is one of Proff Kulde´s many important customers within fish production and ensures vital employment along the Norwegian coastline.

Pelagia Lødingen

Proff Kulde is proud to be a refrigeration service partner for Holmøy Maritime through many years, especially the work on several of the trawlers in the shipping company Prestfjord.

Holmøy Martitime is an administration company that administrates all activity in the organization. The main activities are the operation of the trawlers and breeding of Atlantic salmon. The shipping company Prestfjord has four modern trawlers with a total of 12 fishing quotas for whitefish and shrimps.

Holmøy Maritime