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Drying and climate-controlled storage

Proff Kulde offers drying systems and climate-control storage for example for drying, storing and after drying of stockfish.

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Drying systems

Energy effective and eco-friendly drying systems based on CO2 and glycol for drying of for example fish products.

Climate-controlled storage

Control of temperature and humidity is essential for good quality on stored goods. A climate-controlled storage for example for stockfish will give you exact control of temperature and humidity and increase the quality and sales weight. A climate-controlled storage makes it possible to store and dry independently of the season.

Aktuelle lenker

In 2017 Proff Kulde installed a new climate-controlled storage for storing and after drying of stockfish to H Sverdrup AS at Reine. During the last years we have also done maintenance and services on freezers and other equipment like industrial ice machines.

H. Sverdrup is a family business that produces stockfish, salted fish and fresh fish. The Sverdrup family started the production of fish products at Reine as early as 1874. Today the company is operated by the fourth and fifth generation Sverdrups.

H. Sverdrup AS