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Heat recovery

Proff Kulde focuses on eco-friendly and energy efficient solutions.

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CO2 as a natural refrigerant

Our main focus is on CO2 as a natural refrigerant. The reason for this focus is our very positive experiences concerning the relationship between real performance compared to theory. CO2 scores highest of all the refrigerants in this field. CO2 is also the easiest refrigerant to use for full heat recovery.

Combined solutions provide a higher COP and an increased environmental benefit

Most people have heard of the calculation of COP in heat pumps. It´s the relationship between produced KW heat and the used KW. But what if we need chilling? A heat pump or a chilling system is a technical solution that typically moves heat energy from one media with lower temperature to one with higher temperature. An example: An air-to-air heat pump retrieves heat from the air outside and adds it to the air inside. The temperature outside is relatively speaking getting colder and inside it gets warmer. If we use “the cold side” for chilling of for example a cold storage, the COP calculation expands. The expanded calculation looks like this: (KW produced heat energy + KW used in cold storage) / added KW to heat pump system => Higher COP

This is obviously eco-friendly solutions which also results in lower energy costs for you as a customer.

A CO2 chilling system is more similar to CO2 heat pumps than the systems for traditional refrigerants. Consequently, it is very easy to use the warm side of a CO2 chilling system (heat recovery). It is also easier to emit high media temperatures on the heat dissipation side. 60-80C hot water production is possible without the use of more compression steps.

All chilling systems emit huge amounts of heat which is a great advantage if you need heating. It can be used for heating of water or as part of the total heating of commercial buildings.

Proff Kulde also works with heat recovery from for example ammonia-systems.

Projects that are eco-friendly often get financial support

Get in touch for questions concerning solutions that fits your purpose. We can help you document environmental benefit, which can help you get support from financial support schemes. We can assist you in the application process to for example the Enova financial support scheme.

Aktuelle lenker

In 2019 Proff Kulde installed a new CO2PRO™Heat heat pump to the company Lofoten Services AS at Stamsund Hotel.

Proff Kulde is one of five companies from Vågan that can claim the title Gazelle Company of 2020.

The Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv has elected Norway´s most successful companies since 2003. This year Proff Kulde shared the honor of being a Gazelle Company with four other companies from Vågan: Havbryn AS, Lofoten Electro AS, Northern Alpine Guides AS and Småen AS.

Criteria for gazelle companies:

  • Approved accounts

  • At least doubled annual turnover for four years

  • A turnover of more than one million NOK the first year

  • A positive overall operating profit

  • Avoided declining turnover

  • Been a stock company


Proff Kulde was certified by the foundation Eco-Lighthouse April 2. 2020, and we are proud to be one of about 20 businesses in Vågan municipality that has chosen to implement this programme as a tool for eco-friendly leadership.

In recent years we have focused on innovation and sustainability environmental technology and are happy to have received this certification!

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