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Proff Kulde focuses on customers in the marine and industrial markets. Our main focus is to deliver innovative sustainable chilling- and heating solutions that provides added value to our customers in the form of a smaller environmental footprint and more efficient facilities.
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Market for chilling- and heating technology

Proff Kulde´s goal is to continue to grow in the local and national market and to go international in the future.

Today our main market is in Northern Norway, but the company have customers nationwide. Our goal is to be among Norway´s biggest refrigeration contractors within 2025.

Our main customer segment is within the fisheries and manufacturing industries. We are increasingly designing, developing, and delivering eco-friendly systems to our customers. We see a great demand for our products and services, and we offer competitive solutions based on expert knowledge within our field.

In recent years Proff Kulde has focused on research and development and aim to increase this effort in the future. We believe it´s crucial to be a leading company in the development of sustainable and new technology to help the industry deliver more eco-friendly and energy effective chilling and heating solutions in upcoming years.

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Proff Kulde was certified by the foundation Eco-Lighthouse April 2. 2020, and we are proud to be one of about 20 businesses in Vågan municipality that has chosen to implement this programme as a tool for eco-friendly leadership.

In recent years we have focused on innovation and sustainability environmental technology and are happy to have received this certification!

Stiftelsen Miljøfyrtårn

Proff Kulde is one of five companies from Vågan that can claim the title Gazelle Company of 2020.

The Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv has elected Norway´s most successful companies since 2003. This year Proff Kulde shared the honor of being a Gazelle Company with four other companies from Vågan: Havbryn AS, Lofoten Electro AS, Northern Alpine Guides AS and Småen AS.

Criteria for gazelle companies:

  • Approved accounts

  • At least doubled annual turnover for four years

  • A turnover of more than one million NOK the first year

  • A positive overall operating profit

  • Avoided declining turnover

  • Been a stock company


Proff Kulde´s RSW-solution was published on the website The Explorer which is a marketplace that connects Norwegian businesses to the international market.

Proff Kulde has future ambitions to deliver our chilling and heating systems to the international market.

Innovation Norway – About The Explorer

Proff Kulde – Product review at The Explorer

Proff Kulde with a new website and an updated graphical profile (2021) Proff Kulde has gone through a reprofiling process and now appears with an updated graphical profile that better represent the company anno 2021. We have cooperated with very talented local programmers, designers, and photographer Espen Mortensen for fantastic contributions in the reprofiling work.

We have worked to get a professional and holistic expression for our company, and we are very happy with the result. We wish to thank the businesses Webium AS, SISU Design Lab and photographer Espen Mortensen for a fantastic contribution to our reprofiling work.

Webium AS - Kreativt digitalt webbyrå

SISU Design Lab

Fotograf Espen Mortensen