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Proff Kulde AS is a refrigeration technology company based in Svolvær in Lofoten. The company delivers products and services mainly to businesses in fishing- and manufacturing industries. Proff Kulde AS was founded in 2012 and currently has 12 employees. In 2019 the company had NOK 30,5 mill in annual turnover.
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Safe trade

Proff Kulde is a safe business partner for our customers and suppliers. Proff Kulde has a good creditworthiness. Check our credit rating delivered by credit bureau Bisnode and MyScore:

Aktuelle lenker

Proff Kulde was certified by the foundation Eco-Lighthouse April 2. 2020, and we are proud to be one of about 20 businesses in Vågan municipality that has chosen to implement this programme as a tool for eco-friendly leadership.

In recent years we have focused on innovation and sustainability environmental technology and are happy to have received this certification!

Stiftelsen Miljøfyrtårn

Proff Kulde is one of five companies from Vågan that can claim the title Gazelle Company of 2020.

The Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv has elected Norway´s most successful companies since 2003. This year Proff Kulde shared the honor of being a Gazelle Company with four other companies from Vågan: Havbryn AS, Lofoten Electro AS, Northern Alpine Guides AS and Småen AS.

Criteria for gazelle companies:

  • Approved accounts

  • At least doubled annual turnover for four years

  • A turnover of more than one million NOK the first year

  • A positive overall operating profit

  • Avoided declining turnover

  • Been a stock company


Proff Kulde´s RSW-solution was published on the website The Explorer which is a marketplace that connects Norwegian businesses to the international market.

Proff Kulde has future ambitions to deliver our chilling and heating systems to the international market.

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