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Over the years Proff Kulde has worked to deliver future oriented and sustainable eco-friendly products to our customers. Research and development are important to us to constantly offer leading eco-friendly solutions. We wish to deliver eco-friendly solutions with a minimum of negative effect to the environment.
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Sustainability in the future

Proff Kulde aim to be a company that provides a sustainable contribution to society. We want to take care of our employees, provide employee growth, and develop innovative and sustainable products for our customers.

It´s a shared responsibility to work for a better world and UN´s goal for sustainable development works as a guideline in this effort.

To Proff Kulde environment and sustainability is a serious matter, and we wish to take responsibility to ensure that we all can achieve concrete results in the long run. We have integrated tools for environmental leadership to maintain focus in our daily HSE-work.

Environmental policy

Our overall goal is to deliver chilling and heating technical facilities with as small as possible negative environmental effect.

We also have an overall goal to be a competitive employer that provides a safe environment for career development and personal growth.

This work is carried out by:

  • Innovation

  • The use of natural refrigerants

  • Energy optimalization

  • Long-term and focused work building inner and outer environment.

What is the UN´s goal for sustainable development?

The UN has given the world a shared blueprint for sustainable development. The sustainable development goals work as a shared global direction for countries, businesses, and societies. The sustainable development goals are the world´s most important “to-do” list and businesses play an important part. It´s about what environmental footprint we make, our shared responsibility and competitiveness. We must be aware of how we use and affect our resources.

As part of our recent work in innovation we have ordered an external assessment of how our product CO2PRO™RSW meets the UN´s environmental development goals from the website The Explorer.

The Explorer - Proff Kulde - Eco-friendly cooling system for smaller fishing boats

An eco-lighthouse

Proff Kulde got certified as an eco-lighthouse April 2. 2020. We are proud to say that we through this certification program commits to work systematically and long term to improve both as an employer and as a partner for our customers and suppliers.

By becoming an eco-lighthouse, we commit to work towards several of the UN´s sustainable development goals. You can read more about the certification at the eco-lighthouse´s site.

Eco-lighthouse certification and the UN´s sustainable development goals

Aktuelle lenker

The basic idea in our innovation project was to change the component that traditionally has made these kinds of systems unnecessary complex. Competing businesses used heat exchangers that historically was made for the oil- and gas industry. Proff Kulde has adapted the heat exchangers to meet the needs of the refrigeration industry, which enables a more compact design of the RSW-system and a cheaper production. The customers benefit through a better price.

The technical leader in Proff Kulde, Morten Andre Engen, explain some of the innovation: - Evaporators developed for oil- and gas industry is poorly suited for low flow (on the CO2-side) and draining of liquid and oil. Our new developed heat exchangers are adapted for this and allows us to halve the use of expensive high pressure refrigeration components.

Proff Kulde has developed a new type of evaporator for use in RSW-systems with CO2 as an eco-friendly refrigerant. An RSW-system is a chilling system that uses seawater to keep fish and other catch chilled on board fishing vessels until it gets delivered at the fish reception on land.

The authorities have enforced strict regulations for the use of gasses such as freon (R22) which was forbidden in 2015, and an increasing number of businesses choose to change into systems using CO2 as a refrigerant. Ammonia is sometimes used as a refrigerant in RSW-systems, but that´s usually in the bigger vessels. The compact and fitted design of Proff Kulde´s RSW-solution enables the use of RSW-systems for a larger part of the fishing fleet.

Review at Innovation Norway

Proff Kulde recieved a great review by Innovation Norway in the aftermath of the development project supported by the environmental technology scheme. In addition, the solution is published at the website The Explorer, which is Norway´s official marketing site for green technology.

Product review at the site The Explorer

The site The Explorer is Norway´s digital showcase for green and sustainable solutions, where the vision is to connect foreign businesses to Norwegian solutions. In 2020 Proff Kulde had a product review at the site explaining our innovative and sustainable RSW-solution for fishing vessels.

Industrial heat pumps

Heat pump systems for fisheries and the aquaculture industry

Proff Kulde offers self-developed heat pumps for chilling and heating of fresh water and seawater based on CO2 as a natural refrigerant.

The heat pumps are well suited to for example heating of smolt plants and similar installations.

Heat pumps for commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels etc.

We develop and deliver the Proff Kulde CO2PRO_Heat heat pumps with CO2 as a refrigerant too.

Proff Kulde has long experience concerning industrial heat pumps and has solved problems where others have failed.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • CO2 is a natural and sustainable refrigerant. Proff Kulde has expert knowledge on the use of CO2 in chilling- and heat pump systems.

  • CO2 as a heat conveyor in heat pumps is the most eco-friendly solution regarding emissions. CO2 will be a cheap refrigerant for all future time.

  • No EX-zone requirements.

  • Low filling on each heat pump

  • Has the possibility for a “2-way hybrid buffer tank solution”. We have delivered control systems for these types of solutions with great success.

  • This reduces the need for external heat sources when point loads are high, at the same time as the heat pump can run smooth and optimal.

  • The possibility for 80C outgoing water temperature.

  • Lowers the need for external heat source and makes the buffer tank larger.

  • Known compressor type used by many. No shaft seals. Reciprocating compressors that performs well at partial load driving.

  • Very compact and quiet heat pump systems.

  • Long expected lifetime and very low service costs.

  • We have long experience concerning industrial heat pumps and find solutions where none of our competitors have succeeded.

Other heat pumps

Proff Kulde offers and installs air-air and air-water heat pumps to the corporate market. General, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Gree among others. Get in touch for an offer.

Subsidy schemes

The installation of heat pumps is an eco-friendly measure, and Enova still has some subsidy schemes to apply for.

Enova - Financial support for energy- and climate control measures in companies

Proff Kulde offers freezer systems fitted to your needs and we project and deliver in cooperation with our customer.

Characteristics and benefits:

  • CO2 as a refrigerant enables temperatures close to minus 50oC.

  • CO2 refrigerant has become an increasingly preferred choice for use in refrigeration systems. CO2 is not poisonous and doesn´t need fireproof EX zones.

  • CO2 is very well suited to use for heat recovery, freezing systems can be delivered with heat recovery as an option.

  • CO2PRO™ Freeze freezer systems can be projected and dimensioned to fit most needs.

Get in touch for an offer based on your freezing needs, and we will help find the right solution for you!

Proff Kulde was certified by the foundation Eco-Lighthouse April 2. 2020, and we are proud to be one of about 20 businesses in Vågan municipality that has chosen to implement this programme as a tool for eco-friendly leadership.

In recent years we have focused on innovation and sustainability environmental technology and are happy to have received this certification!

Stiftelsen Miljøfyrtårn

Refrigeration technicians work on chilling-, freezing- and heat pump systems with piping, and electric and automized control systems. Therefore it´s important to possess high competence in refrigeration technology, construction, behavior, and uses of these systems. Mechanics, electronics, automatics, plumbing, and welding is a few of the areas our skilled technicians must master.

Proff Kulde regard itself as a spearhead on the automation area, and in most larger deliveries automation is included as a central part and is important to ensure energy effective operation of a chilling-/ heat pump system. Control systems used in chilling-/heat pump systems is an important part of our technological development work.

In recent years Proff Kulde has delivered new or upgraded automation solutions to many customers in the land-based fishing industry, and automation is an important part of both RSW-deliveries and other industrial chilling-/ heating systems we deliver.

Scale ice

We offer industrial scale ice machines that produces clean and fresh scale ice perfect for the food- and fishing industry. The ice is flat and thin, between 1,8 and 2,2 mm. The ice forms on the inside of a drum by pouring a film of water over it, then contact freezing it in to a thin sheet of ice and the ice is cracked off by a harvesting blade.

Granual ice

Granual ice varies in size from 10 mm to 15 mm and has no particular shape. Granual ice machines are made for commercial and industrial use and are regularly used in the fishing industry. The produced granual ice is sub-cooled to -1,5 ° C / -2 ° C. One of the advantaged of using granual ice is that it has an even chilling effect and a constant chilling temperature. It doesn´t melt easily and can be stored for a longer period, up to 30% longer than other types of ice.

We are able to install other types of ice machines on request, such as cube ice machines, slurry machines and block ice machines.

Proff Kulde offers different types of systems, from CO2 split-uniters and smaller cold- and frozen storages to big booster-systems for larger cold- and frozen applications. Both split- and booster-systems can be delivered for indoor and outdoor assembly. We also offer small compact-aggregates with R290 (propane).

Characteristics and benefits:

  • CO2 refrigerant has become a popular choice for use in cold- and frozen storage.

  • CO2 is well suited for heat recovery; the frozen storages can be delivered with heat recovery as an option.

  • CO2PRO_Systems can be projected and dimensioned to fit most needs.

Proff Kulde is one of five companies from Vågan that can claim the title Gazelle Company of 2020.

The Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv has elected Norway´s most successful companies since 2003. This year Proff Kulde shared the honor of being a Gazelle Company with four other companies from Vågan: Havbryn AS, Lofoten Electro AS, Northern Alpine Guides AS and Småen AS.

Criteria for gazelle companies:

  • Approved accounts

  • At least doubled annual turnover for four years

  • A turnover of more than one million NOK the first year

  • A positive overall operating profit

  • Avoided declining turnover

  • Been a stock company


Drying systems

Energy effective and eco-friendly drying systems based on CO2 and glycol for drying of for example fish products.

Climate-controlled storage

Control of temperature and humidity is essential for good quality on stored goods. A climate-controlled storage for example for stockfish will give you exact control of temperature and humidity and increase the quality and sales weight. A climate-controlled storage makes it possible to store and dry independently of the season.

CO2 as a natural refrigerant

Our main focus is on CO2 as a natural refrigerant. The reason for this focus is our very positive experiences concerning the relationship between real performance compared to theory. CO2 scores highest of all the refrigerants in this field. CO2 is also the easiest refrigerant to use for full heat recovery.

Combined solutions provide a higher COP and an increased environmental benefit

Most people have heard of the calculation of COP in heat pumps. It´s the relationship between produced KW heat and the used KW. But what if we need chilling? A heat pump or a chilling system is a technical solution that typically moves heat energy from one media with lower temperature to one with higher temperature. An example: An air-to-air heat pump retrieves heat from the air outside and adds it to the air inside. The temperature outside is relatively speaking getting colder and inside it gets warmer. If we use “the cold side” for chilling of for example a cold storage, the COP calculation expands. The expanded calculation looks like this: (KW produced heat energy + KW used in cold storage) / added KW to heat pump system => Higher COP

This is obviously eco-friendly solutions which also results in lower energy costs for you as a customer.

A CO2 chilling system is more similar to CO2 heat pumps than the systems for traditional refrigerants. Consequently, it is very easy to use the warm side of a CO2 chilling system (heat recovery). It is also easier to emit high media temperatures on the heat dissipation side. 60-80C hot water production is possible without the use of more compression steps.

All chilling systems emit huge amounts of heat which is a great advantage if you need heating. It can be used for heating of water or as part of the total heating of commercial buildings.

Proff Kulde also works with heat recovery from for example ammonia-systems.

Projects that are eco-friendly often get financial support

Get in touch for questions concerning solutions that fits your purpose. We can help you document environmental benefit, which can help you get support from financial support schemes. We can assist you in the application process to for example the Enova financial support scheme.